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Q: Why should my dog be groomed?

Regular grooming is essential to your dogs well being.  Bringing your dog into be groomed gives us the opportunity to detect any skin / coat or health problems.  It helps the fur from becoming matted (although owners do need to put in the effort at home with brushing if they request a long length style).

Q: How often does my dog need to be groomed?

Depending what style you wish your pet to be in, depends on how often he/she comes in for grooming.  Generally most breeds should come in between 6 – 12 weeks.

Q: Why are some dogs shaved very short?

When bringing in your dog we will always check over the coat for matting.  If there is any sever matting, it is our policy to shave it out.  We groom humanly as de-matting a coat would cause the dog a great deal of stress and discomfort.

Matted fur can lead to the skin being suffocated and can cause sores & ulcers.  Regardless of what they look like when shaved, they will feel 100% better for it.

Please note we would never shave a dogs coat for any other reason than requested by owner, or deeply matted fur.

Extra charges may occur if a full shave off has to be carried out.

Q: What age should my dog be when I can start bringing them in for grooming?

Its a great idea to introduce your puppy to grooming as soon as possible.  They will become familiar with the sounds, smells and routine of a grooming salon.

Hopefully this will allow their time with us to be stress free and enjoyable.

We recommend for a first visit, your puppy comes in for our puppy grooming service.